Verisign – ZZumo – illustrated video

VeriSign, Inc. (Nasdaq: VRSN) is the trusted provider of Internet infrastructure services for the networked world. In addition to SSL, identity and authentication solutions, VeriSign Inc. launched a “self service“ mobile marketing solution called ZZumo in 2009.
ZZumo enables small and medium enterprises to use various SMS services without IT specialists or huge budgets.


Explaining a technical self-service product (mobile marketing) to marketing executives in both an entertaining and educating way.


A surprising, short and simple tutorial video using illustrated characters and paper cutouts. The video introduces the ZZumo character Helen, setting up a SMS-survey (to view clicks on
The handmade character Helen, underlines the easy to use nature of the solution and it lowers the entrance barriers while the high gloss finishing, meets the high visual expectations of marketing executives.
The video was featured in an international online marketing campaign, at various trade fairs and on