VerVieVas supported by Departure & WienWin

2011 VerVieVas was selected and funded by departure, Vienna’s agency for the creative industries, to enhance the growth of our company. This program allows growing companies to profit from the cooperation with qualified departure experts & the departure network.

Moreover in autumn 2011 VerVieVas was labled “innovative product” by the city of Vienna and included in the official innovations-pool-plattform WienWin. The platform suggests, introduces and recommends services to managers of the city of Vienna aiming to create reference projects.

About VerVieVas – EinfachVideoErklaeren

VerVieVas is a brand by BraCe for animated videos that explain in 1-2 minutes what a company or a product does. Services include all aspects of a VerVieVas video including story, text, storyboard, illustration, audio and animation.

So far BraCe has produced VerVieVas videos for companies like Bank Austria, Versign Inc., Rewe or Salzburg AG as well as innovative startups like Bookamat, Carsharing 24/7 or Smirksports.

About Departure:

departure, the City of Vienna’s agency for the creative industries, identifies and supports innovations and offers fundings as well as network activities.

About by WienWin (by ZIT)

The WienWins (Vienna Wins) initiative is designed to create a systematic exchange of information between the municipal administration and companies owned by the City of Vienna on the one hand, and innovative Viennese companies on the other hand. Jointly thinking ahead contributes to identifying innovation potential for the City of Vienna and simultaneously opens up new market opportunities for the innovation drivers of the Viennese economy.