Research project: Budweiser bottle design

Customer Details:

Budweiser Budvar is a world-famous premium brewery based in Budweis (Czech Republic), the most successful import beer in Austria and the second best selling brand among import beer in Germany. Over the course of its existence, Budweiser Budvar has received countless awards all over the world and has established itself as the world’s smallest, great beer brand.


Conduct a research and development project for Budweiser Budvar N.C., Czech Republic. The task was to develop a design for a new 0,33l bottle that would attract the audience of modern gastro-outlets, age 20-35 years old, higher education, quality conscious, explorative people with a high income who dislike everything mainstream.
The task was to develop a design for the new 0,33l bottle with a special focus on the modern aspects of the on-trade segment.


3 outstanding characters called Egyptienne, Crystal and Granat who clearly refer to the rich history of Budweiser Budvar while underlining the unique character in a modern, stylish way. Design of the new Budweiser Website for Budweiser Budvar Austria. And Budweiser Budvar.