COPA-DATA – Videos

Customer details:

COPA-DATA is a Salzburg based, innovative leader in HMI/SCADA software (automation) for industries such as automobile, machine engineering, energy and production technology. COPA-DATA has 130 employees and works with customers such as Festo, VA TECH, BMW and Audi.

Project details:

The task was to create a tool to communicate the usp’s of COPA-DATA ‘s automation software zenon in a simple and plain way. BraCe came up with the idea of a series of illustrated videos that can explain difficult issues in max. 2 minutes. The handdrawn style in combination with a entertaining story make them both fun to watch and an interesting source of information for potential customers.

You can watch the english version below.
Go to for the german versions.

zenon Flexibility from COPA-DATA on Vimeo.

zenon Network from COPA-DATA on Vimeo.