Budweiser Original campaign 2009 – 2011

Customer Details:

Budweiser Budvar is a world-famous premium brewery based in Budweis (Czech Republic) and the most successful import beer in Austria. Over the course of its existence, Budweiser Budvar has received countless awards all over the world and has established itself as the world’s smallest, great beer brand.

About the Original Campaign:

“Original” ambassadors of outstanding hospitality present “Original Budweiser” in their environment. The black and red design combined with almost monochrome photography underlines the premium positioning Budweiser Budvar, draws attention to the product itself and creates a unique color scheme in the Austrian beer market.

Budweiser Original Campaign 2010:

2009 BraCe created the so called “Budweiser Original Campaign” for both B2C and B2B advertisement. The 2010 campain ist a more B2B focussed sequel introducing new “Original Budweiser” ambassadors including a special edition for austria’s “beer pope” Conrad Seidl. The campain is featured in most of Austria’s gastro-magazines.