Budweiser gastro / ontrade product line

Creation of a brand manual and a consistent on trade product-line for Budweiser gastronomy specially developed beer mat holder and reservation shield.

Customer Details:

Budweiser Budvar is a world-famous premium brewery based in Budweis (Czech Republic) and the most successful import beer in Austria.
Over the course of its existence, Budweiser Budvar has received countless awards all over the world and has established itself as the world’s smallest, great beer brand.


To improve Budweiser positioning on trade
(gastronomy / Budweiser gastronomes).


Create a brand manual and a consistent on trade product-line for gastronomy that will be continuously expanded over time.
Brand manual: Expandable brand manual that features key brand information for sales stuff as well as beautiful photography and presentation of Budweiser and the on trade product-line.
Gastro/ontrade product line: High quality and consistently designed gastro-products that are either created (beer mat holder, reservation shield, illustrated tin-plate signs, posters aso.) or branded (glasses, outdoor shields, clothes, trays or event cars and trucks) in tune with the brand.

In 2008, BraCe became the official advertising agency of Budweiser Budvar and has since then created a long-term
advertising/marketing strategy for the Austrian market.